Friday, October 2, 2015

Celebration of Life Dinner

Once again my pro-life college students are involved.  

I love Goobers, Bear and Sugar.  You guys are going to change the world.  I could not be more proud of you!

HEB SoftBall 2015

Goober works at the "newer" Creekside HEB.  I don't think this is her long term career but it has been a great college job.  They are good to their employees. (Pooker worked at another location while she was at community college as well.)  

 Goobers was playing in the annual HEB employee softball tournament on Friday.  She has been practicing for months now.  

Sugar made sure we were there to show our support to Goobers.  She even designed a shirt and purchased a mascot!
The public face of HEB is the President Scott McClelland.  Apparently he loves this annual softball tournament.  The young ones thought it was fun to see him at the fields.  

He was more than gracious to pose with the kiddos for a picture.

 So once they started another game the mascot came out.
 Our Goobers is such a cutie pie.
 Our little mascot, not so much!

 The boys played a little football.
 While Goobers and her team continued to play.
 Adorable and Beautiful build dirt castles.
 While the rest of us watched.
 In the end they won 1 game and lost 2.  They had a lot of fun which was the most important thing.  J and I are always proud of our kiddos when they put themselves out there and get involved.  Way to go Goobers.  Sorry I didn't get an action shot of you on the field.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Teasing Dad

J was out of town for just one night this week.  Twin Adorable handed me my phone and told me to send dad a picture.  Then she stuck out her tongue.  When I asked why she said that "Just for tonight she wasn't daddy's girl but mommy's girl and we needed to tell dad!"  

Sorry J, she is my baby, well for one night!

Monday, September 28, 2015

MNO Shots

Bear's Birthday

Bear had a birthday.  We celebrated on Sunday and his birthday was actually on Monday.  Well we tried to celebrate.  Bear did not make that easy.  He also refused the big family picture.  Oh well, Happy birthday Bear we all love you very much!
"Happy Day of Birth to my only hot ginger bro! I can't believe mom and dad have three 20somethings! You're a punk, but I'm thankful for the good ol' days when you still had time to have fun with us. Hope your day is bitchin'. Sorry I'm on the truck and can't be around to partake in the plethora of activities I know you're enjoying."

"Happy Birthday to the biggest jerk I know! But for real I hope you have an awesome day D you amaze me with the way you live out your faith! So thanks for being you! Have an awesome day! Happy 20th"

"Last day of being a twin with The Best big brother ever!!" 

happy birthday Bear, Love you, hope your day is awesome #20 "

Bear:  He wrote this on his own page noting the passing of two decades
"20 years...��  Wow. The first 20 years of my life have been filled with a lot, a lot of good, some bad, a lot of joy, some sad, a lot of new friends, and a lot of new friends becoming old friends. But also and Most importantly a lot of God. And a lot of me trying to live my life for Him, (sometimes trying harder then other times.) but I have to thank anyone and everyone who has been in my life in any way through out those 20 years, because whether it's been a positive, on negative relationship, you have helped me grow, mature, and see where I need to grow and mature. So thank you! I sincerely hope that you all will be a part of my next 20 years in some way. I hope that my next 20 years will be filled with growing closer to the Lord.  Go with God, and never stop. "

So I have another child that is out of the teen years and approaching adulthood.  J and I are so very proud of this young man.  We love you big guy and we know that you will go places.  Thank you for showing us how to serve God in all that we do.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

His "Mini-Me"

Like Father-Like Son !  Jumba and Dad are so much alike.  They both have stolen my heart!

Sometimes I Wish I Had A Twin

We don't make the two play together yet they are almost always together.  They are friends through and through.  When one gets a treat she will always ask for one for the other one.  I love watching them.  I have always thought it would be cool to be a twin. The more I observe the more jealous I get at times. 

 Then I think of how close all the other kids are.  They didn't need to be twins to be close.  One of the teenagers had a best friend end the friendship this week.  I watched each and every sibling swoop in and be the friend.  This teenager told me, "You know mom, I will be ok, I don't need that person anyway, I don't need anyone, I have 10 best friends right here in my own house!"  I was once told that giving my child a sibling was the best gift I could ever give.  I see that first hand this week.

Pro-Life College Kids At It Again

Sadly the Planned Parenthood behind the kids is the biggest abortion mill in TX.  (On a side note not 1 mammogram is ever performed there, just lots and lots of killing.)
We are into the semester full swing these days. I have watched these kids spend their Friday nights doing home work so they can spend their Saturdays trying to save lives.  Thank you LoneStar Right To Life for speaking up for the unborn and letting the world know how your generation really feels.  You will be one very powerful voting block, because you are so knowledgable.

Friday, September 25, 2015

I Love This Guy

This guy travels all the time these days.  When he gets into town he always makes sure that everyone knows that he loves them.  It is always in the little things.  We were sad this year that we didn't get a "second honeymoon" this year for our 25th anniversary.  Then I see this picture and I realize that God has made sure I have so much more in this man that what society says is a good catch.  J is a husband that cares for me in the little things and loves me by loving his children!  

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Sugar's Toe Surgery

OUCH!  Poor Sugar had an ingrown toe nail.  We went and had it fixed.  The doctor told her that it was surgery so she smiled me for lunch.  Just teasing I really do enjoy the time I get to spend with my kids.  Sugar's toe hurt more after than before so I am not sure what is going on but she looks cute.