Saturday, December 6, 2014

Nutty but Beautiful

Possible dearest friend M was in her first Nutcracker and she invited Possible to come and watch.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Divine Mercy CCM Co-Op Week 7

I love this time with friends.  We didn't prepare this week as much as others but we did learn a lot still.  I really do like being held accountable in a very non threatening manner.  The kids will have to present on a saint next class.  They spent time preparing that part and will continue until that is done. This week marked the end of our study of South America, next are the countries in Africa. 

Advent Begins - Prepare Your Heart

This is the first flyer Mike shared about the upcoming Advent Mission at our parish.  The next one is equally silly.  All kidding aside Mike spent many hours preparing his talks so that he could help the parish members find Christ this advent.
We were able to make it the first night but not after that.  I was so excited when he posted links so that everyone could benefit.  I could not make it every nights but I can listen, and so can you!
I wanted to share the link to the parish page where our dear Mr. Gormley has kindly shared the recorded talks.  I hope that you all enjoy all that Mike shares in his talks, just click here. 
Thanks Mike!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Lights Go on the Tree

We had been looking at lights for the past week.  We needed to get into action even though we were not going to put our main lights up until Bear could help.  We decided to decorate one tree.  We had fun, it was a little chaotic but fun!

Beautiful - Adorable
  So without the help of the big kids the second half and we got one tree done!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Catholic Coffee Club Groupie

I promise that we do talk about the chapter each week.  It is only fair to also add that we often get off track and have a little fun.  I am very thankful for all these teens that come each week to share with me about their faith.

Head Shot

I need a head shot and so I made the kids take a bunch of pictures  I found one that will kind of work.  Why is that it is so hard to like a picture of yourself. 

Thanks to Possible and to Princess for putting up with me while we took shot after shot after shot.

Flat Tire

Monday morning as everyone headed out to their jobs and classes Goobers discovered a popped tire.  With a week of finals and papers at the end of the semester, Goobers was incredibly overwhelm med.  She left for school with Sugar and while she was gone Bear and rest of the bunch took care of her.  I love watching the Texas T kiddos taking care of each other.
Update:  Goobers got her car 4 new tires the next day.