Saturday, March 19, 2016

IN The Dog House

We agreed that if we got new puppies we would enjoy them as a family.  To enjoy them we all agreed on a few needs.  An official dog house is what was needed first off.  I wanted a place for them to stay safely outside if we were out for the day.  I was so happy that Pickle and the younger ones took the time to assemble our cool new dog house.

We worked on the house, then the fence and even a dog potty area.  All have been done to assure that we have the most convenient dog area.  We want to still use the back yard but also have room for our puppies to play.  We can't wait to hug on them.

Otter Sign Ups

 We headed over to the Otter Pond to sign up for this year's swim team.  The day ended up being very chilly.  We made the most of it, as always.  While mom filled out paperwork the rest of the crew played.  So many happy faces with friends around.  I love it.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Rodeo Fun

These are pictures from various trips to the rodeo over the three weeks that the rodeo was in town.  I know it is important to the young ones.  They love the time with friends, meeting the cowboys, riding the carnival rides and hearing the music.  This is just what it means to be a young person in Houston!

Rodeo is part of the experience of all things Houston.  The three week carnival and concerts are an important part of my kiddos lives.  They live for rodeo.  I am so glad that they enjoyed the rodeo at various times over the past three weeks.

I just love looking at all these pictures of happy faces!

New Jobs

Goobers was promoted to ASM at her HEB and Possible got a job as a bagger at another HEB.  
Congrats girls HEB is lucky to have both of you.  I know that their customers from both locations will be better served because of each of you.

 Pooker shared this shot that her partner grabbed of her during the day.
I love seeing my kiddos hard at work!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Decorating the Kitchen

I was proud that I got some decorations up.  We kind of have a coffee look in the kitchen and a wine looking the dinning room.  I know it is silly but I felt that we needed to pick something to decorate in.  The rest of the house is still waiting.  So much to decorate in this huge house.  We want to keep it simple and yet it needs to be kept up with so if we ever get the option to move, we can.

Puppy Update

We don't get to bring them home yet, but we are loving the picture updates.  They are also motivating us to get things ready for them.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

New Pool Table

J has always said that our home should be that home!  He wants his kids around and having fun.  He loves to interact with them.   His dream was to have a pool table.  It was always a dream that we put off because of the space needed.  This house has the space and he found a great deal on one being resold.  We are the third owners and hope to have a lifetime of family fun with it.   

Good luck to you if stop by, the kids practice all the time.  

Tuesday, March 15, 2016