Friday, July 11, 2014

Movie Buddy

While in St. Louis Pickle and I did something that we never get a chance to do back home, we went to get a bite to eat and then to the movies.  This was so much fun.  We started at P'Sghettis which is my favorite sandwich shop and then the movies. 

That is the coolest vending machine I have ever seen.  It distributes bulk candy and takes debit cards.  Now that is the kind of vending machine that would fun to own.

The Jewel Box

When the big kids left for their retreat, Pickle and I had a few days to visit my home town.  He had not been feeling well the day before and was very tired.  I am so proud that he was such a good travel buddy in spite of having been under the weather.  We headed to the zoo but decided Pickle was too tired.  We stopped in the Jewel Box and admired the grounds and the beautiful plants inside. 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

A Little Extended Family Time

The best part of visiting St. Louis is getting to see family.  We get to see both sides of the family.

I miss J's family and my family.   I wish that our nieces and nephews knew our children.

For now we are limited to short fun visits.

Going Ape With Father

We spent time with Fr. Tom and his mom.  We wanted to see his new parish and rectory.  I think my kiddos are going to miss his old parish more than he will. 

After our tours Mrs. Keller treated us to our favorite fast food that we can't get in Houston.  Steak N Shake was so yummy.

Then Father took the kids zip lining.  His mom, Sugar and I chatted while the rest of them zipped in and out of trees.  The kids loved the idea and I was thrilled with all the safety measures that were in place.  Go Ape! did a great job and provided a fun course.


 As always we owe Father a huge thank you.